How to Research the Best Coffee Machine For Latte

A latte coffee is a beverage with gourmet Italian connotations and is better known in some circles by its Italian name caffè latte, which means “milk coffee” in English. Latte coffee has steadily grown in popularity with keen coffee drinkers across the globe.

cappuccino coffee preparing in glass cup with help of machine
Latte coffee machine in full flow preparing a delicious cuppa

If you adore that fabulous mixture of espresso coffee and steamed hot milk, then buying a specialty latte coffee maker enables you to have your favorite drink whenever you please.

While there are lots of coffee makers readily available that claim to give you the tastiest coffee, we’ll give you some pointers to consider that will assist you in finding the best latte machine to satisfy your own special needs.

Pure latte machine vs. general purpose espresso machine

One of your first considerations will be whether you want to purchase a latte machine that can only make latte coffees or an espresso machine that can make a wide range of drinks, including latte.

By definition, a latte is a shot of espresso coffee mixed with hot steamed milk. When you have an espresso machine, you can make a latte by steaming the milk separately and then pouring it into the newly made espresso.

If you live in a family of coffee drinkers and/or entertain a lot, then an espresso machine can cater for all tastes by making a cappuccino, or an Americano, and a whole range of other coffee drinks. If you’ve only yourself to consider, and only drink lattes, it makes good sense to buy a latte coffee maker.

Coffee pods v coffee grounds

Something else you’ll want to consider as you search for that perfect latte coffee maker is do you prefer to use coffee pods or coffee grounds.

The advantages and disadvantages of each can be summed up:

Generally, coffee pods cost more than ground coffee beans, but they are far quicker and more convenient to use, and there’s a lot less mess.

If you’re a traditionalist, then you’ll lean towards ground coffee for your latte. However, a downside is that from the time you grind the beans the coffee taste looses its delicious freshness and becomes increasingly a little more bitter as the grounds age.

This means you may well want to buy whole coffee beans, then grind them at home before using them in your latte machine. And to do that you’ll need to purchase a grinder for your coffee beans.

Do you have the space

You’ll also need to consider where you’re going to put your new coffee maker and the space you have available for it to stand when you’re identifying the best latte maker for your home. Will it have a permanent position or will you need to store it in a cupboard or shelf when not being used? If you need to store it, how much space do you have?

How often will the machine need to be cleaned

If you intend making several lattes most days, you could end up with too much regular cleaning and maintenance if you buy the wrong type of coffee maker.

Depending on which Latte maker you buy, cleaning can take just a few seconds at the end of each usage, or can be a long drawn out process. You need to be aware of this when doing your research.

We’ve given you some food for thought in this article, spend some time online or in your local store and check out your options and preferences. With a little bit of research you’ll soon find your ideal latte machine.